Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An other day of packing

So, today I'll pick up another sterilite 5 drawer stand and buy an other to pick up tomorrow. I'll use ebates again because I'm all about saving money any where I can. I bet your asking why don't I get them all at the same time? I can only fit one in my car at a time and Walmart is on the way home.

On another note does any one know of a good online tech support company? I'm looking into working from home after we move so I can work any where. It's hard to look for a job when your moving every 2 to 3 years or less for at least the next 7 or 8 years.

Anyway, I look forward to your comments, suggestions, or even questions. Have a wonderful day


Monday, May 30, 2011

Prepping for my first PCS Move... The first of many that I know of...

So, I've been an Active Duty Army Wife since March 25. My husband deployed for a short 3 months in Columbia. Which has been painless in comparison to many I know through the means of Yahoo IM... Thank God for Instant Messaging... lol

So, about 3 weeks ago I found out we will be PCSing to Vermont... Which I am very excited about since I've never been there... I also know we will PCSing at least 3 more times if not more. So, I started thinking about how I can make our move easier for not only packing up but unpacking for this trip and the next several moves as well.

This is what I've come up with so far.

1.Buy the sterilite plastic 5 drawer stands for things that we need constant access to while getting ready to move, moving, and unpacking.

I bet your saying wow, thats expensive! Yes, but it's more of an investment. How? I can go to ebates then click on the walmart link collect some of my money back there. Then stop by walmart the next day and pick them up on my way home from work. Right now, I'm looking at buying about 5 but will probably buy more. I can see through the drawers so I wont be going through box after box wondering wear I put the silver wear. I can label the top of the drawers with the contense and repurpose the ones I dont need later if needed.

2. Buy Contiko Boxes at lowes. I started at ebates again and bought several for this past deployment. We will repurpose them for moving once he returns. This will ensure our things are safe as paper boxes colapse and by no means are sturdy. By labeling them we can put them in a storage unit once we get to Vermont and drag them around as needed as we PCS to our next location.

3. We've decided to buy a 4 horse trailer so we have it when we are ready for our next PCS move and dont have to calculate the fuel and milage costs of renting a moving truck our selves or even hiring a moving company.

This is the current PCS strategy... I'm not saying it's going to work. However, I think it's a start. Please share your thoughts and experiences so I can learn from your successes and mistakes.

Much love to every one and Thank for for all who served and currently serve as a member of our Military and as a Military Spouse!!!